KWP Auction Rules

Please read and fully understand before participating in any auction bidding. 

Terms and Conditions are subject to change. 

Participating in any auction is an automatic assumption that you agree to all terms and conditions set by Kings Wild Project. 

- Bid's must be placed in increments of $5 or more. These auctions are not subject to discounts and does not include shipping. 

- The bidding will end through "Popcorn Bidding." If someone places a bid in the last two minutes of the auction ending, the time will extend for another two minutes. This keeps others from snipping at the end of the bidding and simulates a live auction. 

- Proxy bidding is available!

Proxy Bidding is a concept in which the system automatically bids on your behalf up to the maximum bid amount that you have chosen.

 - Delayed Shipping is not available on the Kings Wild Rarities website. 


- After winning an auction item, please be sure to check your email for an email from to complete the process for receiving your auction item. If you do not receive the email or experience problems with the email, please email informing us of your issue and we will help fix it. 

- You will have a 48 hour period to complete the process for paying for your auction item. Please complete the process within those 48 hours, if not, we will be offering the item to the next highest bidder. 


Wild Card Auctions:

- We now have Wild Card Auctions. These items are separate from the scheduled items found in the spreadsheet on the website. They will be announced through Social Media and the weekly email that is sent out to those who have signed up for the Rarities newsletter.

Banning Rule:
If you are a participant in any auctions hosted on our site and win, we ask that you complete the payment process within 48 hours. If you do not, we will send another email notifying you that you have 24 hours to complete the payment. If the payment is not completed after the additional 24 hours, or the winner has not corresponded with us through email, we will reward the next highest bidder with the auction item. The winner who did not pay or correspond with us will be banned from the auction site. This includes banning them from participating in any future auctions and purchasing oddity items.


Note: Auctions will automatically begin following the posted schedule at the bottom of the website. Every auction begins at 12 PM ET on the scheduled start day and ends at 12 PM ET on the scheduled end date. Auctions that start on Friday will last a day longer and end on the following Monday.